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Enrolment & Bookings

Create new Enrolment

Our service uses a fantastic online booking and waitlist program called QK Enrol. Through this program you can create an online enrolment and access a parent portal called 'My Family Lounge'. My Family Lounge has a web based portal and an app that allows you to update and create casual bookings. 

To enrol in our service please click on the enrol now button using the link below.  (Enrolment needs to be completed on a computer)

If you have any issues with registering and enrolling, please give us a call and we will be able to assist you.


Enrolment Information

Please take the time to read all documents for all information relating to enrolment, communication and service information. 

Manage Bookings

To manage your bookings you can use the link below and put in your login details to access your enrolment.

If you have an active enrolment in our service but have not yet registered with QK Enrol please follow these steps after clicking the link.

  1. Click 'Manage Booking' button below

  2. Select “forgotten password”

  3. Put in your email (this must be the email associated with your enrolment with us). If you’re not sure what email this is, please call and we can tell you.

  4. Follow steps - it will tell you that an email has been sent. That email will give you options to click a link and reset a new password. This will then get you set up.

  5. Note: When you log in, it will bring you to a “information page” showing your profile. To get into the enrolment section it is called “QKEnrol”, you need to click on the menu (3 lines on top left of screen) and select the QKEnrol to then get you into your enrolment account. 

  6. Once this process is complete, you can then download the ‘My Family lounge’ app. On this you can also view all current bookings, mark absences and add occasional care. The log on for this app is the same email and password that you used to create your My Family Lounge account.​

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